Roadworthy Clinic


Car Servicing from just $99+GST

Diesel Cars from $130+GST


  • Brakes

  • Suspension

  • Air Conditioning

  • Lift Kits

  • 4X4 Accessories

Roadworthy Certificates from just $70+GST
Includes Uber, Taxis, Pre-purchase inspections


We provide a range of mechanical services including:
General Repairs
Specialist Repairs
Brake Repair
Gearbox Replacements
Clutch Kits
Puncture Repairs

4. Additional mechanical services include:
Gearbox replacement
Clutch Kits
Puncture Repairs








At Auto Teck in Slacks Creek, we offer services including:

RWC Roadworthy Certificate, Tyre Service, Minor & Major Log Book Servicing, Cooling Systems, Auto Trans, Clutch Service, Brake Repair, Suspension & Steering, Auto Electrical Service, Air Conditioning Service & Repairs, Certificate of Insurance (COI) and more. Contact us today.

Need an Expert Mechanic or Car Servicing in Albion, Brisbane?

Do you need a car mechanic in Albion? How about a mechanic in the rest of Brisbane? If so, we’ve got an easy fix.

Skyview Motors offers mechanic or car servicing services in this part of Australia. Our in-house team of vehicle maintenance and car care specialists are ready to restore your vehicle in proper working order, so you can go back to cruising immediately after.

Services Offered

Skyview Motors has a comprehensive range of services for car owners who require car servicing in Albion.

Aside from these services, we also check, repair, and installation of:

Car Care by Skyview Motors Experts

Skyview Motors’ comprehensive range of car care services in Albion, Brisbane is guaranteed to restore the beauty and road-worthiness of your vehicle in no time.
So, for all your car servicing needs, please contact Skyview Motors.

Car Servicing

We'll do a full check of your car to make sure there are no issues with the fluids, tire pressure, battery, cooling system, and more.

Mechanical Repairs

Bring in your vehicle and we'll do a full examination to fix up anything that needs to be repaired. Whether parts are faulty or something just needs to be replaced, we'll get it done!

Safety Certificates

To keep you and others on the road safe, get your vehicles properly checked and avail of our safety certificates

Log Book Services

Having your car regularly checked can minimize possible repairs in the future since this can prevent major damages and issues.

Pre Purchase Inspections

Consult with one of our experienced staff to inspect a vehicle before purchase to gain awareness of the current state and to prevent future issues.

CL Inspections/Vehicle Inspections

To keep you and others on the road safe, get your vehicles properly checked and avail of our safety certificates

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